Coaching 1:1​


In this process,  YOU are the expert on you and your life. As such, you decide:

  • What we are here for.
  • Where we want to end up.

In return, I help you tap into your innate intuition to bring out all of the brilliance, power, and clarity that is already inside of you.

A life by your design is at your fingertips. Our work is in eliminating the stops and stucks that are getting in your way.

Sessions are 60 minutes long, held virtually or via phone, and occur 3-4x per month based on your specific needs.

a life by your design is at your fingertips

1 - 1 Coaching 1

be working with me 1:1, you will...

Define goals and visions for your life and leadership, designed in a way to push and inspire your next level.

Gain clarity on thought patterns and behaviors that hold you back from being the powerful leader that you are.

Create new ways to express your leadership in the world, and see that impact both your professional and personal life.

Be seen and heard in ways you possibly never have before, and learn how to project the way you want to be seen and heard by others.

eave each session with personalized actions and practices to move you towards your goals.


frequently asked questions

A lot of factors can go into determining the right fit, but here is a checklist to start you off:

  • You have 2-4 goals in mind for over the next 6-12 months
  • Working on your own (either via self-help books or attending one-day workshops) has been insufficient in seeing the results you want
  • You thrive when having a partner who can hear all of you, and are then open to receiving feedback
  • You are pretty clear on some patterns or habits that are contributing to what’s stopping you, but are unsure on how to reinvent those patterns
  • You are currently building a team of people to support you in your development, and coaching feels like an obvious next step

If you’re still unsure, please get in touch with me via my contact form, and I am happy to go over any other questions you may have.

Typically 6-12 months, although they can also be ongoing. I do not offer 1:1 packages that are less than a 6-month commitment. My reasoning for this is actually backed by science. On average it takes most people 66 days to form a new habit. So the first 2 months of coaching are about breaking down old habits and building new ones to support you in achieving your goals. From there, the following months are dedicated to holding you to your new habits even when those old ones you loved so much for most of your life insist on making a return. In our last month of a contract we then get to tie up any loose ends, celebrate, and establish what is next..

My gut feeling is that women who want to work with me are most likely a leader in some capacity, but rarely in 1:1 relationships do I only coach on leadership. My coaching methods explore the interrelated factors that make up where you currently are, where you want to be, and what behaviors and circumstances are most obviously in your way. As an example, if you are struggling with training a team in meeting your expectations in a project, you may also be struggling with having your needs met in your relationship. So we will likely have 3-4 areas of focus as we work on your goals during our engagement.

Discovery sessions are like interviews, but way more fun. In the hour we will spend about 15 minutes just getting to know each other, 15-20 minutes sampling my coaching style, and 25-30 minutes honing in on which program is the best fit for you. If in your gut you already know that I am the coach for you, I’d still recommend those first 15 minutes because I ultimately believe that we need to feel that good fit with each other before signing on.

In addition to scheduled sessions, I am available for 20-30 min “spot coaching” sessions. Consider spot coaching your 911 when working with me. If you are about to walk into a meeting with a huge potential client, or just had a meltdown with your team, or are just feeling stuck in general, spot coaching is the chance to get supported in the moment. Clients have my cell number, and when I receive the SOS, I work with you to connect within 24 hours.

Greta Thunberg! If anyone knows her agent, hook me up. Overall, I want to work with millennial women who want to work with me. Who want to do the deep work. Who are nerdy and passionate about their goals. Who read the content on my pages and can’t get enough of it. Who have a secret (or not-so-secret) sassy and playful side to them. Who are ready to give themselves the gift of not working so damn hard by themselves anymore. Who are ready to turn in their overachieving martyr card for something a little more stylish. Who have dreams of also serving other women.




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